When you work in rescue, you come across dogs of all types. Big, little, fluffy, short-haired, high-spirited, couch potatoes, healthy, sick, confident, anxious, well socialized and those who need help learning the world is a safe place.

No matter what categories the dogs we have in our care fall into, they all deserve the same things. A safe, happy home, where they are cared for and loved unconditionally. However, we’re well aware that some dogs take longer to find that perfect fit, and we need to promote them a little differently to find their forever matches.

That’s where our “Diamonds In The Ruff” program comes in. These are dogs that will need a little extra effort and commitment from their future adopters. Diamonds come out of the ground dirty and misshapen, but with some effort and the right tools, they become something beautiful. Diamonds In The Ruff dogs have that same potential. Each one has the ability to be someone’s perfect companion inside of them, and they deserve the chance to let that shine.

Each “Diamond Dog” will have an extended vetting and meet and greet process, to ensure their future family is well informed and understands the dog’s special needs. They will also all be foster-to-adopt, which means their potential adopters will take them home on a trial basis – the length of which will be determined by the specific dog’s needs.

These dogs will help support future Diamond Dogs. 50% of the fee of each Diamonds In The Ruff adoption will be set aside specifically for us to use to help other Diamond Dogs. The ones that are often left behind in shelters and forgotten. There are people out there willing to give a “less adoptable” dog a chance, and we want to do everything possible to connect those special people, with these special dogs.

Thank you all so much for your support of all our Lucky Mutts dogs! To view our Diamond Dogs, CLICK HERE.


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